Wolfville – Grand Pre Getaway


Recently we stayed in the Valley for a few nights, just to relax and get to know our future home better.

The first place we stayed was the Olde Latern Inn, set right in the vineyards at Grand Pre.

We were welcomed by the owner, Alan. It was a beautiful location, and we wasted no time in looking around the property. There were a few different outdoor seating areas and guests are welcome to sit anywhere.


It was windy but warm and sunny!

We were able to walk right through to the new Grand Pre UNESCO monument and lookoff.


After we explored the grounds a bit, we were able to just walk over to Grand Pre’s restaurant (Le Caveau) for dinner. It’s hard to beat this “road” through the vineyard. On the walk home there were old fashioned laterns lit up with candles.

After dinner this fire pit was raging full force and we sat in the chairs and enjoyed a bottle of wine over the fire.

I snapped these pics the next morning, we didn’t want to bother with photos during the evening, choosing instead to just fully enjoy the experience.

Breakfast at the Inn was great, I love it when hosts take the time to make a warm breakfast and include a few options. I would recommend a stay there, everything was well thought out and comfortable. The only challenge for us was the 10AM check out time, for runners or others who exercise after breakfast, that time was a little tight.

The next day we met up with friends and stayed at the Blomidon Inn in Wolfville. We’ve stayed here before and it’s always nice. It’s walking distance to restaurants and bars in town so it removes any need for a designated driver or taxis.

We took our friends to our property for a visit, then we tasted wine at Luckett’s, L’acadie and Gaspereau vineyards.

After dinner at Privet house in Wolfville, we made our way back to the inn and sat outside for hours enjoying the beautiful weather. This grey cat joined us for most of the evening, we named him Smokey and found out later that he lives at one of the nearby houses and often makes friends with visitors.

It was a fantastic little escape from the city, filled with laughter, friendship, good food and wine.


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