Tex Mex Chili bowl (vegan and gluten free)


Ever since my friend Lisa took me to Chipotle’s the first time, I’ve been obsessed with burrito bowls. We don’t have Chipotle’s chain here so when I’m feeling like a burrito bowl I make them myself. This is a play on that meal, using leftover chili and staples that I typically have prepared in the fridge. This is a vegan, gluten free recipe, but you won’t feel deprived in any way munching this bowl.

Layer in bowl-

Cooked white rice (today’s rice is basmati to go with a vegan curry I made this morning)

Cauliflower rice (boiled cauliflower mashed with a little water and salt)

Smokey bean and corn chili

Heat and then top with

Sweet grape tomatoes

Small avocado mashed with spicy green salsa

Small handful broken corn chips

This meal is going to be one of my go to’s over the coming months as I experiment with my diet and do my 108 day countdown to the Kumba Mela trip to India I’m going on with my friend Dorothy.


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