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Elderflower martini


Last week when we went to the liquor store I noticed a new listing…something  I had been keeping my eyes open for…St.Germain elderflower liquour! I’ve been waiting days to bust it open.

Elderflower martini

2 oz top shelf vodka (this would also work with gin)

1 oz elderflower liquour

1/2 oz fresh lime juice (cut a small slice or rind twist from the lime)

Chill glass and shaker in freezer, shake ingredients hard with ice, strain and pour over lime garnish. Heaven.



Banana soft serve


Banana soft serve

I blended frozen sliced bananas with a tsp of water in a food processor. It tasted like banana ice cream, and had a texture similar to DQ ice cream. Yum! I’ve made this a few times. Next time I’m going to add some cocoa powder to it. It would be even better with chocolate sauce on top. Or some of that dulche de leche sauce my sister and I were eyeing today when we were out shopping.

Tangled Garden


Today we went to Tangled Garden, a small store in the Annapolis Valley that has a huge garden and hand crafts batches of interesting herbal vinegars, oils, honey, jellies, liquors, jams, maple syrup, etc. I was out of my favorite oil and vinegar, both of which they make. I love it there! 

It was a fun way to spend a few hours, the trees were spectacularly colorful and made the highway drive more interesting.

Giving thanks!


Before I write about today, I want to say how beautiful last night was. Here’s a pic from my deck, I didn’t use any filters or retouching on this photo. What a glow!

Today was Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada and the weather was amazing! We didn’t have any dinner plans and I’m not eating turkey, so we headed to the beach.

Running for the balls

Bringing them back for another throw

It was windy and the sand that was dry was blowing around, drifting like snow in the wind.




We watched 2 food documentaries this week: Food Matters and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Both were interesting and fun, a bit like Food, Inc but lighter. We use our juicer sporadically, but after watching the docs we decided to try to commit to adding juice at least a few times each week.

This morning breakfast looked like this pre juicing

1 bunch kale

2 small tomatoes

3 mini cukes

4 large carrots

3 apples

This made enough juice for us each to have a large serving, I followed that up with a large water with juice of half a fresh lemon.

I used my ipad to take these photos, I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. The quality is too grainy. When I synced my ipad today I found a few pics that I had taken this summer. Yesterday was really cold and seeing these pics of the pool open and the warm summer sun shining made me feel a longing for some hot weather.

Love Barcelona


We went to Spain Sep 11-18th. Every day was hot and humid, which I didn’t mind at all. We walked everywhere, which is my preferred mode of transport if I’m travelling in an unfamiliar city. We’re guessing that we easily covered 100km or more in 6 days, and that’s a good thing when I think about how much beer, cava and sangria we joyfully consumed.

The highlights of the trip were the gothic section of the city, including the cathedral and the remains of the Roman wall, and a day trip out of the city into the hilly fertile countryside. We visited 2 vineyards and enjoyed tasting wines and a traditional catalunyan style lunch (bread, tomatoes, cheese, preserved meats, raisins- pic below).

I’m back!


I’ve missed blogging, I haven’t been able to make time for it the last month or so. So, what have I been doing?

1) J and I went to Barcelona for a week in September.

2) I began my yoga teacher training. And I’m doing a LOT of yoga.

3) I’m starting to get ready for the Foodnetwork atlantic crossing cruise in a few weeks. Yesterday I did the online check in and printed all the travel documents.


Besides blogging, here’s what I haven’t been doing (often enough):

1) Cooking my own food, eating at home.

2) Walking the dogs.

3) Running. I’m still getting 2 or 3 runs in weekly but I would like to get 4 in every week.

4) Reading, and I have 3 required reading for YTT, plus 4 related books I want to add.

The weather has been nice this fall, here are some pics from a dog walk taken on my favorite beach in NS…Martinique.