Dog days of summer!


Busy month, time is flying by. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to.

My fabulous hair stylist came over to groom my dogs. I think it’s hilarious to share a stylist with my pups and I was happy to see that she’s talented with the scissors on both humans AND canines. Thanks Carrie!

I like how River looks like this is no big deal

The porties looked fantastic!!

River shows off her new cut and perfect down dog form

After the primping session, Carrie and Craig came over with their 4 dogs. We all had a blast, especially the 6 dogs!

The 2 border collies had some technical difficulties with the concrete surface. After a while the skin on their paws started to lift and get raw. Carrie sent me this pic once they got home and bandaged up. Poor girls.


On Monday we went out with Gordon and Mehee on “A Taste of NS” dinner cruise. The weather was rainy but the cruise had an enclosed area and it didn’t feel overly rough. I thought it was going to be a flop due to the weather but we all had a great time. The food and atmosphere was casual and enjoyable.

And now some random pics from the past few days…

Thirsty much?

River enjoys a supported chew session

Have I mentioned lately that I love summer?


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