Orangarita and garlic bread recipes


I made a new margarita today using Orangina. It was very good and has a little less “bite” than my normal margs.

2 juicy limes, juiced

1.5oz anejo tequila

3/4oz grand marnier

pinch salt

4oz orangina soda

Shake the first 4 ingredients together with ice in a shaker. Pour into a glass then add the orangina. Add ice as desired.

I got a new camera today!! I’ve been using my iphone to take my photos this summer even though I have a compact and a DSR camera that both work great. The compact doesn’t connect right to my MAC and it’s a pain to download the photos. And I can’t have those cameras by the pool since the dogs get water on literally everything and I’m prone to dropping things when I’m playing with them. Case in point, I broke one of my new bodum insulated double walled glasses today drinking iced coffee by the pool when I reached for Hawkeye’s ball. That’s why we have a no glass by the pool rule. I should start following that rule anytime now.

Here it is! It’s waterproof to 10′, shock proof from 5′, takes pics in 3D, does underwater pics and movies too. And it’s under $200. I also got this super cool gorilla mini tripod that wraps around anything.


Quick garlic bread

small fresh baguette

2 tbsp butter

2 tsp fresh garlic

1/2 tsp chili peppers

1/4 tsp italian seasonings or penzeys mural of flavor

pinches of s&p

fresh parmesan and cheddar cheeses

Split baguette in half, mix butter with seasonings, spread on both sides and pop under broiler until toasty. Remove and top with cheese, broil again until melted. I took this pic with my new camera.


Typical backyard shenanigans – the fight begins

Full throttle teeth baring

What lovely gentle fur kids.


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