Aglio Olio


I didn’t find time yesterday to post my food, so this is yesterday’s report. The weather was beautiful and I spent every last drop of daylight outdoors. When the weather is fine, Nova Scotia cannot be beat! This is where I nested yesterday

I did some harvesting from my garden too

The beet and carrot haul before the first cleaning

And after the hosing off (there are 2 varieties of beets here)

There are some ant’s nests in the garden and my feet and shoes were covered in ants when I was done pulling the veggies. None of them were in the biting mood though.

Poolside sips- 2 anejo margaritas throughout the afternoon.

Good idea = margs by the pool. Bad idea = using this glass.

J accidentally knocked it over and now it’s toast.

Moving to the kitchen for dinner, I had this glass of wine because we were opening the bottle to use for dinner. I like to add an acid to my aglio olio, sometimes wine, lemon or even a dab of vinegar. Today it was wine. And since it was open…

Don’t let the sleepy expression fool you. River is like a crocodile rising out of a swamp if anything drops on the floor

Aglio Olio Recipe

Serves 3-4 if you aren’t hungry super athletes like J. We ate the entire batch in 1 sitting.

1/3 cup good olive oil

4 – 5 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 cup white wine

2 tsp red chili flakes

1/3 cup parm cheese

1 pound spagetti – I used whole wheat

italian seasonings or fresh parsley to taste

salt and pepper to taste

I took some shortcuts here with the pre-minced garlic and pre-grated cheese. It’s worth it to do both but after the sun and margs I wasn’t about to add to my workload.

Cook the pasta in well salted bubbling water. In large saute pan, heat oil, saute garlic, then add hot pepper flakes and wine, simmer wine down, add pasta as soon as it’s al dente, add remaining ingredients, mix well. Sprinkle parsley (I didn’t have any but it adds a lot when I do) and cheese on top.

The shadow from the window pane looks like jail cell bars. I should probably be locked away from this pasta.



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