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It’s been an enjoyable few days. Yesterday Annette came to visit and today Melanie was over for lunch and a swim.

The past 2 evenings have looked like this

And now for something completely different…we have a tropical storm advisory warning. J went to top up the genny gas supply just in case.








K9 Sibling rivalry


I cannot tell you how many times my brother sister and I have done this very same thing! I find this hilarious! I recorded this and J uploaded it to his youtube channel. Follow the link to see it. If you like, while you are there, check out J’s other uploads of him playing covers and original songs.


Dog days of summer!


Busy month, time is flying by. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to.

My fabulous hair stylist came over to groom my dogs. I think it’s hilarious to share a stylist with my pups and I was happy to see that she’s talented with the scissors on both humans AND canines. Thanks Carrie!

I like how River looks like this is no big deal

The porties looked fantastic!!

River shows off her new cut and perfect down dog form

After the primping session, Carrie and Craig came over with their 4 dogs. We all had a blast, especially the 6 dogs!

The 2 border collies had some technical difficulties with the concrete surface. After a while the skin on their paws started to lift and get raw. Carrie sent me this pic once they got home and bandaged up. Poor girls.


On Monday we went out with Gordon and Mehee on “A Taste of NS” dinner cruise. The weather was rainy but the cruise had an enclosed area and it didn’t feel overly rough. I thought it was going to be a flop due to the weather but we all had a great time. The food and atmosphere was casual and enjoyable.

And now some random pics from the past few days…

Thirsty much?

River enjoys a supported chew session

Have I mentioned lately that I love summer?

Orangarita and garlic bread recipes


I made a new margarita today using Orangina. It was very good and has a little less “bite” than my normal margs.

2 juicy limes, juiced

1.5oz anejo tequila

3/4oz grand marnier

pinch salt

4oz orangina soda

Shake the first 4 ingredients together with ice in a shaker. Pour into a glass then add the orangina. Add ice as desired.

I got a new camera today!! I’ve been using my iphone to take my photos this summer even though I have a compact and a DSR camera that both work great. The compact doesn’t connect right to my MAC and it’s a pain to download the photos. And I can’t have those cameras by the pool since the dogs get water on literally everything and I’m prone to dropping things when I’m playing with them. Case in point, I broke one of my new bodum insulated double walled glasses today drinking iced coffee by the pool when I reached for Hawkeye’s ball. That’s why we have a no glass by the pool rule. I should start following that rule anytime now.

Here it is! It’s waterproof to 10′, shock proof from 5′, takes pics in 3D, does underwater pics and movies too. And it’s under $200. I also got this super cool gorilla mini tripod that wraps around anything.


Quick garlic bread

small fresh baguette

2 tbsp butter

2 tsp fresh garlic

1/2 tsp chili peppers

1/4 tsp italian seasonings or penzeys mural of flavor

pinches of s&p

fresh parmesan and cheddar cheeses

Split baguette in half, mix butter with seasonings, spread on both sides and pop under broiler until toasty. Remove and top with cheese, broil again until melted. I took this pic with my new camera.


Typical backyard shenanigans – the fight begins

Full throttle teeth baring

What lovely gentle fur kids.

Back in Nova Scotia


I got home last night from visiting my friend Lisa in Minnesota. We had 3 days together there and we had a great time drinking and eating too much. We had a fun lunch with her husband Mike on Monday

Here’s Lisa and I at “our” restaurant Crave in the Mall of America. We visited once daily and drank some tequila and ate sushi. It doesn’t get better than that.

Thanks for everything Lis! I had a great time.

Today was about trying to get back to normal eating, unpacking and getting the house organized.


What I’ve been up to


The past few days have been fun and busy (not to mention filled with delicious food)!

We had a fire evening at home

I got my butt on a road bike, it’s the first time I’ve been on a bike in more than 5 years!

J and I took down a beer flight and some nachos at Maxwell’s Plum

We went bar hopping with my sister and bro in law (aren’t they cute?). Thanks Lisa for offering them your hotel room.

And J and I had lunch today at Gio in Halifax. I didn’t get pics of everything but here’s my dessert. It’s called the bee’s knees and it really was. It was full of lavender and honey flavors. My main was gnudi and amazingly delicious.

Tomorrow we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming for a few days, then I’m off to Minnesota for a long weekend with Lisa!

Aglio Olio


I didn’t find time yesterday to post my food, so this is yesterday’s report. The weather was beautiful and I spent every last drop of daylight outdoors. When the weather is fine, Nova Scotia cannot be beat! This is where I nested yesterday

I did some harvesting from my garden too

The beet and carrot haul before the first cleaning

And after the hosing off (there are 2 varieties of beets here)

There are some ant’s nests in the garden and my feet and shoes were covered in ants when I was done pulling the veggies. None of them were in the biting mood though.

Poolside sips- 2 anejo margaritas throughout the afternoon.

Good idea = margs by the pool. Bad idea = using this glass.

J accidentally knocked it over and now it’s toast.

Moving to the kitchen for dinner, I had this glass of wine because we were opening the bottle to use for dinner. I like to add an acid to my aglio olio, sometimes wine, lemon or even a dab of vinegar. Today it was wine. And since it was open…

Don’t let the sleepy¬†expression fool you. River is like a crocodile rising out of a swamp if anything drops on the floor

Aglio Olio Recipe

Serves 3-4 if you aren’t hungry super athletes like J. We ate the entire batch in 1 sitting.

1/3 cup good olive oil

4 – 5 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 cup white wine

2 tsp red chili flakes

1/3 cup parm cheese

1 pound spagetti – I used whole wheat

italian seasonings or fresh parsley to taste

salt and pepper to taste

I took some shortcuts here with the pre-minced garlic and pre-grated cheese. It’s worth it to do both but after the sun and margs I wasn’t about to add to my workload.

Cook the pasta in well salted bubbling water. In large saute pan, heat oil, saute garlic, then add hot pepper flakes and wine, simmer wine down, add pasta as soon as it’s al dente, add remaining ingredients, mix well. Sprinkle parsley (I didn’t have any but it adds a lot when I do) and cheese on top.

The shadow from the window pane looks like jail cell bars. I should probably be locked away from this pasta.