Friday lunch at Nectar and a Skinny Pina colada recipe


For lunch we went to Nectar in Dartmouth. My favourite dish there is a fusion curry made with penne, apples, mango, shrimp and scallops with shaved parm on the top. I didn’t eat the parm because I don’t think the dish needs it, but I ate everything else. The seafood came out overdone and when I mentioned it to the server she told the kitchen and they prepared some more scallops for me. It came out perfectly done and I was happy.

I ordered the Frexinet cava and they brought this little bottle. We didn’t have bread, appetizers or desserts with lunch. You can see Jeff’s sea trout and chips in the background here

Right after lunch we walked the dogs on the trails and then I did some poolside yoga. I love practicing outdoors.

Post yoga, I made a skinny colada recipe: 1.5oz each malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice mixed with 6oz coconut water with coconut jelly. It was amazing, very light and tasty. The white specs are little pieces of coconut.



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