Mint iced tea


Missing since morning!! My appetite and passion for food. Not sure what’s going on with that, but it’s certainly hard for me to comprehend, considering my well established food obsession. After being awake for a while and postponing my run due to an irritating twinge, I was still moping around the kitchen at 9am wondering what I wanted to eat. And instead of wresting stomach grumblies at 11am, I wasn’t interested in lunch until 1:30. Maybe I’m coming down with a cold.

Simple Mint Iced Tea Recipe

Large pot of boiling water

2 green tea bags

4 orange pekoe tea bags

Large handful rinsed mint including stems

Agave syrup to taste

Fresh lemon(s)

I find it easiest to make this in the evening when I’m making dinner. Take the pot off the burner and throw teabags and mint in. Set timer for 4 or 5 minutes, then scoop out tea and mint. Allow to cool to near room temperature, stir in agave to taste. I like my tea very lightly sweetened so I only use about 1tbsp per litre. Pour into pitcher and chill overnight. In the morning, squeeze in one or more lemons and enjoy throughout the day.


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