Lunch at Gio’s


It was a quintessential summer day. And I did manage to swim, run, yoga, read, and nap. I even got bit by an ant, literally an ankle biter. Little bugger, right after yoga too.

River gets some air

Hawkeye jumps in

Back dive for me- I got some distance from the side on this one

Lunch at Gio in Halifax. We’ve eaten there many times and I’m rarely disappointed. Today was a home run! I was hungry but skipped the appetizer and dessert and I’m glad I did. Sometimes the less I eat, the more I really enjoy what I do eat.

I had 2 of these margs. I love blanco tequila but this was made with anejo and I liked it so much I stopped to buy some on the way home. I’ll be trying to recreate this in the coming days.

Tres generaciones anejo, cointreau, fresh lime, agave syrup

And this scallop lunch dish. It doesn’t look large but it was the right amount of food for something so rich. This was perfectly salted (plus they DID have salt on the table if needed) and very nicely balanced. I asked for the scallops rare and they were beautiful, rich and salty from the prosciutto, and the risotto had the mushrooms, cheese and asparagus mixed in. The asparagus was very crisp, and the greens were vinegar-y which added a great touch of acid to all the rich flavours.

seared proscuitto wrapped scallops – mushroom risotto – crisp asparagus – beemster cheese – garden shoots

I was a happy camper! This pic is before we ordered…I love deciding what to have. The hat is because we had the top down in the car today.

Afternoon snack/dessert was a cold oz of liquor at home

Dinner- fresh peas picked from my garden today and cherries, artisan bread crisps with apple butter, blue cheese and almonds


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