Love in a mug! AKA blueberry tea



Blueberry Tea! This doesn’t actually have any blueberry in it! Try it and taste it, you’ll be amazed.

Blueberry tea– serves 1

1/2oz cointreau or triple sec

1/2oz amaretto

Hot brewed black orange pekoe tea

Mix liquors in a mug or brandy snifter, top with hot tea. This can be garnished with a slice of orange or a sugar rim. Sometimes I use a full oz of each liquor but since I’m cutting back on alcohol I went with 1/2oz servings instead and it was still delicious.



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  1. I didn’t cry about Amy but it is a terrible waste of talent. I watched her on you tube all night. Her last performances were horrendous! Either she was beyond help or everyone in her life totally failed her because she was obviously really messed up!
    The tea sounds marvelous. I wish I could say I’d be having it w you two weeks from today but…..

  2. Hi Averie, if you ever come this way, let me know and we’ll be sure to have that tea together. I didn’t end up winning your auction, bidding was fast and furious. I’m going to make a cash donation and try the recipe from your blog. It’s heartwarming to see the blogging community pull together around someone like that!

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