Lunenburg trip


Yesterday I woke up and decided I needed some adventure. We decided to head to Lunenburg, a historic fishing town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Here’s the ride and the handsome travel companion

Our last trip here was 2 years ago and we enjoyed the hotel so we decided to stay at the same place, the Lunenburg Arms.

It’s a nice hotel that has a good basic restaurant and allows dogs. Last time we took River with us but this time the dogs had an overnight at Camp Bow Wow. Overall we enjoyed our stay but we both had some trouble with the bed. The mattress was much too soft and we were both uncomfortable and didn’t sleep much. I mentioned it this morning at the front desk and the clerk was honestly surprised, apparently they receive a lot of calls to find out what type of mattresses they have because people want to buy them. Guess we just like a firmer bed. The room was very clean and I love that there isn’t any carpeting in the hotel. We loved the interior wooden shutters.

We got there at 1pm and immediately headed to the hotel’s restaurant patio- this mural is on the side of the hotel

For lunch I had a lightly dressed caesar salad and some mussels. The salad was great, very crunchy and fresh, but the mussels were a little disappointing and lacking in flavor. I ate them anyway, I was hungry and they weren’t worthy of a rejection back to the kitchen. I also had 1/2 litre of NS pinot grigio that Jeff gallantly assisted me with after he finished his Guiness.

I had a few bites of Jeff’s fish and chips. It wasn’t a traditionally prepared fish and chips but it was great! Better really, very flavorful.

Then we spent a few hours walking around the town and finding Jeff some ice cream

After a while we grabbed a cat nap and then went to the Grand Banker for a cocktail on our way to dinner. I had some sort of day glow neon green margarita while Jeff had a white beer. He made the smarter choice there, but it was happy hour and our bill was $10 so no point in pouting.


I’m starting a new post soon for dinner at Fleur de Sel.


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  1. Really? A cat nap? 😉 hmmmm …
    Looks like a great time! Loved the pics ESP the horse munching and the kitty! Wish I was there!

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