I’ve been volunteering at the Red Cross on Tuesdays for the past 3 months, and today I worked my final shift there. I was hoping to volunteer for emergency crisis relief, and instead I was working at the front desk of the local office in their Help program (it loans free medical equipment to the community), which is not what I planned when I submitted my volunteer application. It was a lovely experience though, and I met some very nice people while I was there. I did finally get in touch with the emergency response coordinator, but I think the timing to join their team would be better next fall. The training and on-call time commitment is larger than I expected and I’m not prepared to start that this year.

This fall I start yoga teacher training, I jumped off the ledge I was teetering on and registered for 300 hour training beginning in September and ending next July. Yesterday my required reading arrived



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  1. Omg…no joke. Last night I was going to sit down nag blog and that was going to be the title. I got busy with household stuff and the blog didn’t happen. That’s nuts! It’s like you knew…

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