Drink margaritas when the sun shines


The sun came out for a while today and we opened the pool. The sun made me happy and that made me want a margarita.

Classic margarita – serves 1

The usual suspects

1.5 to 2 oz good quality blanco tequila

1 oz cointreau or triple sec

1 very juicy lime use more if you need to. I like an oz of lime juice in mine.

sea salt and fresh ice – I use about 6-8 cubes. (if your ice is freezer burned it will ruin your drink. If you have any doubts about the ice, make new stuff or thoroughly rinse your ice cubes with fresh cold water.)

In a stainless mixer, add ice cubes, tequila, cointreau, lime juice, and a pinch of salt. I prefer to add a little salt right in my shaker as opposed to rimming the glass with it, but go with whatever you prefer. For me, this guarantees the right amount of saltiness in every sip. Shake it up, and pour it into your glass, including the ice. I use the ice I shake it with and don’t normally add any extra. This way, no good tequila is left behind.

Notes and tips

– this will be a strong drink. Don’t plan on driving or handling breakables afterwards. It can be watered down slightly with soda water, diet 7 or even perrier. If you are going to water it down you may prefer to use a more affordable type of tequila. If you follow the recipe, only the first few sips will have a lot of kick, as the ice melts it mellow.

– Cointreau or triple sec? Well, I did a taste test and triple sec is slightly superior tasting. That said, it’s quite a bit more spendy and the price differential doesn’t justify the expense. Better to save on the Cointreau and spend the cash on the best quality tequila you can afford.

– If I wasn’t using high quality tequila I would adapt this recipe to include other mixers.

– If it’s hot you can cool the glass off before pouring your drink into it. Place the glass in the freezer for 10 minutes or fill it with ice cubes and water for 2 minutes.


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