Halifax escape


My sister and I have been kicking around the idea of taking a trip together for weeks! We’ve spent hours on talking about it, researching trips, pricing flights, and we just stop short of actually booking anything. The month long cloudy rainy weather has us in a down mood.

So we decided to stop procrastinating and book a room in Halifax. I had a few places in mind to stay but I decided to take a chance on Hotwire.com and book a room at a mystery hotel. I’ve used Hotwire in the past and haven’t been disappointed so far. We ended up staying at http://www.atlanticahotelhalifax.com/ and it was great. The room was good, as was the location, and it was really clean. We didn’t use the hotel pool and sauna. The only complaint we had was the heat in the room seemed to be from the 1960s and didn’t work that well. We called and a service person came quickly and got it working.

We spent a little time shopping at Biscuit, then we headed over to the Prince George Hotel to eat at their restaurant Gio. I’ve stayed at the Prince George many times, and always enjoy Gio. Actually, for years we hosted our company’s Christmas party, as well as attending quite a few weddings there so I’m very familiar with the hotel and I love it!

We started with some lovely bread with dried fruit and salted butter. For drinks we went with a watermelon martini for Marcie and a anejo margarita for me. We shared the lobster crab cakes as an appetizer and we both loved everything. The cakes were tender inside, crunchy outside, and stuffed with lobster and crab. Here’s a pic of my pretty sister with our starter.

That was followed by a dirty french vodka martini for me, and a mango mojito for Marcie. I loved both my drinks, and Marcie enjoyed her watermelon martini but we thought the mango mojito wasn’t everything it could have been. For our main, I had bibimbap, which is a korean dish. It was good but I was surprised that there was no kim chee garnish, and I have had better elsewhere in the city. I wouldn’t reorder it although I enjoyed it. 

Marcie had pan fried haddock with oven roasted sweet potato cubes.

We skipped dessert and walked around Granville Mall and Privateers wharf for a while, visiting shops and trying to stay warm.

For dinner we ate at the hotel since we were tired of venturing out into the chilly day. I don’t have pics of our meals, but here we are over green apple martinis.

The martinis were not as good as what I could have made at home, and their cocktail list was disappointing. Marcie tried another drink called the exotic after this one, and we sent it back and each had a corona beer instead. Our food saved the day there, we shared a beet appetizer and a scallop and beef dish. Both were small but thoughtfully prepared. The beet appy included an interesting little beet sandwich that was wrapped in phyllo. Delicious!

We spent the evening drinking wine and snacking in the room while we read magazines, chatted, and watched a movie, “Hall Pass”. Lots of fun!

We spent Friday shopping and visiting the Halifax Farmers market. I can’t wait to do this again.


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  1. Hey love the blog. Thanks for the great time. Your the best sister ever!!!!! Oh and when are we doing this again….can’t wait

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