Strawberry Rhubarb Mojitos


Still no sun to be found. Things are starting to grow here regardless, and this flowering quince is thriving.

What is coming up like crazy is my mint! I love mint and the day it starts to grow I am out cutting it to use in my teas, both cold and hot, and pitchers of water with cukes or lemons or cut up fruit. My favorite way by far to use it up is in mojitos. This week I saw fresh strawberries that smelled great, and a few weeks ago I spotted some rhubarb bitters in a specialty store and voila! A strawberry rhubarb mojito was born.

The ingredients

Makes one mohito

1 tsp agave nectar

1 juicy lime, squeezed into a glass- slice a few pieces off and throw into glass to get the rind oils in there for muddling

3 big sliced strawberries

large handful washed mint

muddle thoroughly using a good muddling tool- i like this one

It should look like this

Add 1 oz each of white and spiced rum

top with club soda (I’m out so I used Perrier- perfectly acceptable substitution)

toss in a few ice cubes and float the rhubarb bitters on top. I added 7 drops.



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